Sanadora Yoga

International Yoga Teacher Training Program

Sanadora means healing in Spanish, and we are committed to creating experiential learning programs designed to share the power of Yoga to heal and enrich life on all levels.


We are proud to offer a 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification program that prepares teachers to live with a joyful heart connection, to teach with a deeply-felt understanding of the true nature and potential of Yoga practice, and to dedicate their work to sharing the potential of yoga for life enrichment, personal growth, transformation, and healing.

Sanadora Yoga International Teacher Training and Continuing Education modules share the experience and understanding of Heart Alignment Yoga, while emphasizing the benefits of yoga in physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual wellness. We aspire to give teachers the tools to practice these principles, first in their individual lives, and empower them to share the benefits with their students and clients. 


Visit our sister website, Sanadora Yoga, to learn more about our 200-hour YTT, upcoming workshops, and other lifelong learning programs!

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